Now that you’ve cleaned up your closets, it’s time to clean up your bathroom!

The bathroom can be a problem because the whole family uses this room and space can be at a premium (especially if there is only one bathroom). If you are lacking counter space and drawers it may be advantageous to pick up some baskets for each member of the family (Dollar store is great for these if you are on a budget). Storage of these baskets may be a problem so let your family tote them back and forth from their rooms in the mornings or store them under the sink. For drawers, pick up some smaller drawer dividers that interconnect that way you can have organized spaces for smaller items without opening them  to a jumbled up mess.
Now to keep your counter items nicely displayed and organized go check your buffet or kitchen cabinets for your nice silver tray that you have never used!!Or any tray for that matter. Having these items in one spot and not splayed out over the counter will keeps things orderly and easily accessible ( and pretty too). Items like swabs and make up remover pads can be placed in nice clear jars that you can find at any decorating store. Keep it simple and only use what you need. Unused shampoo and lotion bottles should be rinsed out and recycled. Go through your medications and check them for expiry dates, bag them and take them to your local pharmacist for proper disposal. Dumping them in your toilet is a no no! For the toilet paper, a nice wicker basket gives that “spa like” feeling. Next Linens and towels!!