I suppose you are like me… Christmas is over, gifts are scattered around the house and you are itching to take your tree down! Stay calm, enjoy your break, kick back and relax. I am not sure if you do the resolution thing…whether it is weight loss, habit breaking, relationships etc but I have one resolution we can work through together. I am going to help you declutter your home so you can enjoy your spaces to the fullest. Everyone has “stuff” in their homes, some more that others and for some people their stuff can have a detrimental affect on their psychological well being (we won’t get into that today, I don’t want to depress you!).  “Stuff” can have many definitions. The stuff we use on a daily basis (or not!), the stuff in our heads, the stuff we put up with and especially the stuff going on in the world (which hasn’t been very nice lately). Let’s keep it simple and start with the stuff in our homes. I have a plan so in the new year we will start fresh but in the meantime, enjoy your families, your time off and look forward to a slow and methodical “purge” of all the “crap/stuff” you don’t need anymore in your home. You know you have it!!Happy New Year everyone!!