So let’s start with something that is right around the corner…Christmas! I could go on and on about how to approach it but right now I want to focus on your Christmas decorations. Yes, we all have a few tacky Christmas decorations and way too many in general but I can guarantee letting a few go won’t make you lose any sleep. If you haven’t decorated yet, now is the time to purge before you put it out. The old saying “less is more” comes into play here. You don’t need to decorate every room in the house. Try the room that is displaying your tree (or not) and keep it simple. Remember you have to put this away! A few in the kitchen and guest bathroom and that’s it! As you are decorating use your favorites and the ones you acquired from your great Aunt Martha, well you know what I’m going to say here…let it go! Don’t worry about how much you paid for it, just let it go. For the keeners that have had their gifts wrapped, house decorated, baking done and are just waiting for Christmas Day, this is where a plan to purge as you put away can help you for next year. Be ruthless (you’ll definitely be hearing these words again in the very near future). Set up some donation boxes and start purging. If you know of anyone just starting out in life and doesn’t have much, check with them before you pass it on because they may not want your “stuff”. Donating to one of many non profit charitable organizations is another easy way to find it out of your home. For Pete’s sake shopping for post Christmas decoration deals won’t help you in your simplifying process! Just because it’s a bargain DOESN’T MEAN YOU NEED IT!!