Keeping Your Ducks in a Row!!

OK, OK so it’s been awhile since I posted my last blog…..One of the first things my friend told me when she was helping me get this set up was ” make sure you post regularly or you will lose readers and interest.  My profound apologies. I will strive to do better….smiley face:)

I had planned to continue my step by step “decluttering your home” marathon but chose to side track to a story of a client I just helped recently. This client had the astronomical chore of taking care of two households in her family. Sadly, she lost two close family members within 24 hours of one another. It would be an emotional, overwhelming and heart breaking chore to clean out a home of a loved one let alone two!  I had employed a few of my crew to get the job done quickly. Three against one was what my client had to endure. We lined up for her to make difficult decisions as to where each item had to go…either trash, donate or keep for other family members. This lady was as real trooper and I commended her daily as she had the difficult task of making decisions on behalf of her family.

Some day, you may be in this situation (if you haven’t already), so being prepared for death is a MUST! Yes, it’s a scarey word and we tend to avoid anything that deals with it but being prepared takes the burden off of your loved ones and preparedness would be the best gift you could ever leave to anyone.

Having an updated will is crucial to having your possessions dealt with properly by a trusted executor that you have chosen. They don’t necessarily have to be family members…just someone who is patient, trustworthy and has the ability to get the job done in a timely manner.

Having a separate “list” of your special items and where you wish those items to go is also important. That way there is no arguing and bickering within  family members as to who gets your “stuff”. You would be amazed how “true colors” appear out of know where  from family members that you least expected.

Having the “talk” with your family regarding your wishes is the best thing you could ever do for them. When the time comes (and I’m hoping not for a long long time), they will have appreciated you having discussions with them. We want our family to remember us with love and fond memories not bitterness and anger having to deal with a home full of “stuff” with no plan.

As for my client and with my help, she and her family have closure and they can continue to remember their loved ones with cherished memories and peace of mind. Until next time, get your ducks in a row and I promise I will be back sooner than later….smiley face!

Bathroom Business!!

Now that you’ve cleaned up your closets, it’s time to clean up your bathroom!

The bathroom can be a problem because the whole family uses this room and space can be at a premium (especially if there is only one bathroom). If you are lacking counter space and drawers it may be advantageous to pick up some baskets for each member of the family (Dollar store is great for these if you are on a budget). Storage of these baskets may be a problem so let your family tote them back and forth from their rooms in the mornings or store them under the sink. For drawers, pick up some smaller drawer dividers that interconnect that way you can have organized spaces for smaller items without opening them  to a jumbled up mess.
Now to keep your counter items nicely displayed and organized go check your buffet or kitchen cabinets for your nice silver tray that you have never used!!Or any tray for that matter. Having these items in one spot and not splayed out over the counter will keeps things orderly and easily accessible ( and pretty too). Items like swabs and make up remover pads can be placed in nice clear jars that you can find at any decorating store. Keep it simple and only use what you need. Unused shampoo and lotion bottles should be rinsed out and recycled. Go through your medications and check them for expiry dates, bag them and take them to your local pharmacist for proper disposal. Dumping them in your toilet is a no no! For the toilet paper, a nice wicker basket gives that “spa like” feeling. Next Linens and towels!!

Thrill of the Hunt…..No more!!

Did you know that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time? Makes you wonder what the other 80% is doing in your closet. Nine times out of ten those poor clothes that you paid good money for are just hanging there waiting to be worn. I would highly suspect that there are a few with the tags still on them. Or better yet …a red tag at that….can’t pass up a bargain!! This might be a great resolution for those of you who haven’t picked one yet and it would be an awesome way to save some money. So the next time you are out in the stores feeling the urge to spend spend spend, stop right there and go to your closet and take inventory of what you already have. If you are wanting to clear some space because your closet is ready to explode, then pick something out and ask yourself….Do I love this blouse? does it fit me? do I feel fabulous in it? and when did I wear it last? If you answered “no” to any of the first three questions and “over a year” for the last then most likely it’s time to let that poor blouse go. It is only taking up space and every time you look at it, you will remind yourself how you actually dislike that blouse and wonder why you bought it in the first place!! Remember the “thrill of the hunt” in the stores only last a few minutes after you get home….hate to burst your bubble. I promised myself that my updates won’t be long and painful so get cracking on that closet of yours so you can feel better. Closets can go on diets as well! Keep it simple, pull everything out, separate and categorize each piece of clothing. Once everything is in its each specific pile then ask those questions I mentioned before on every piece you pick up. Here’s a hint: get a friend to come help you and get them to hold your clothes up. Trust me, you will be more apt to give something up if someone else touches that item, not YOU. Tactile touching is very powerful. Don’t fret over how much you paid for that item…it’s easier to give up then to stare at it with guilt. Remember to donate or give away those items as there are plenty of people who would be more than willing to wear your cast offs and think how good you are going to feel!! OK, that’s it! Get to it and good luck!

Resolution Solutions

I suppose you are like me… Christmas is over, gifts are scattered around the house and you are itching to take your tree down! Stay calm, enjoy your break, kick back and relax. I am not sure if you do the resolution thing…whether it is weight loss, habit breaking, relationships etc but I have one resolution we can work through together. I am going to help you declutter your home so you can enjoy your spaces to the fullest. Everyone has “stuff” in their homes, some more that others and for some people their stuff can have a detrimental affect on their psychological well being (we won’t get into that today, I don’t want to depress you!).  “Stuff” can have many definitions. The stuff we use on a daily basis (or not!), the stuff in our heads, the stuff we put up with and especially the stuff going on in the world (which hasn’t been very nice lately). Let’s keep it simple and start with the stuff in our homes. I have a plan so in the new year we will start fresh but in the meantime, enjoy your families, your time off and look forward to a slow and methodical “purge” of all the “crap/stuff” you don’t need anymore in your home. You know you have it!!Happy New Year everyone!!

Tacky Christmas Decorations

So let’s start with something that is right around the corner…Christmas! I could go on and on about how to approach it but right now I want to focus on your Christmas decorations. Yes, we all have a few tacky Christmas decorations and way too many in general but I can guarantee letting a few go won’t make you lose any sleep. If you haven’t decorated yet, now is the time to purge before you put it out. The old saying “less is more” comes into play here. You don’t need to decorate every room in the house. Try the room that is displaying your tree (or not) and keep it simple. Remember you have to put this away! A few in the kitchen and guest bathroom and that’s it! As you are decorating use your favorites and the ones you acquired from your great Aunt Martha, well you know what I’m going to say here…let it go! Don’t worry about how much you paid for it, just let it go. For the keeners that have had their gifts wrapped, house decorated, baking done and are just waiting for Christmas Day, this is where a plan to purge as you put away can help you for next year. Be ruthless (you’ll definitely be hearing these words again in the very near future). Set up some donation boxes and start purging. If you know of anyone just starting out in life and doesn’t have much, check with them before you pass it on because they may not want your “stuff”. Donating to one of many non profit charitable organizations is another easy way to find it out of your home. For Pete’s sake shopping for post Christmas decoration deals won’t help you in your simplifying process! Just because it’s a bargain DOESN’T MEAN YOU NEED IT!!


Clear your clutter, clear your mind!

Well, here goes…my first attempt at blogging. I am definitely a non-techy-type so this will be a learning curve for me. So please bear with me. My goal is to guide you over time to help you declutter your home, discuss with you the reasons why and when you should start your downsizing process, and how to deal with your parents estate (hopefully that won’t be for a long, long time).
So, stay with me…my posts will be short, sweet and to the point as I know you are busy with life and being stuck in front of your computer is what I consider a “time hog”. See you next time…our discussion will be how to be organized for Christmas.

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